Springbok, South Africa

Springbok is the largest town in the Namaqualand area in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The town lies at an elevation of 1,007 metres (3,304 feet) in a narrow valley between the high granite domes of the Klein Koperberge (Small Copper Mountains). The main income is generated from tourism, mining activities, commerce and farming.
Springbok has a small airfield and an active aero club. Each year they arrange an model aircraft event that last for a week. Great fun but also well organised and in line with the SACCA's regulations.

Across the South Atlantic

The distance between Springbok and Natal is 6000km, and the route has a wind system that will take anyting that floats in the air across the ocean  from South Africa to Brazil. That is useful as solar powered airships can not yet store enough energy in their batteries to take them through the night in strong headwinds. 

Natal, Brazil

The exact landing site in Brazil has not been decided on yet, but it will be at a safe distance away from Natal.